how to make candles at home to sell

How to Make Candles At Home to Sell

For those who want to start a business of making candles and get profit from candles, of course they need step by step about how to make candles at home to sell. Today, candles become important part of lights for romantic dinner or add warm glow in your home. Many people taught that making candles are difficult. Actually, making candles at home is not as difficult as you think. But, it requires more time to complete to process. So, if you want to make candles at home, be sure that you have spare time to do each process of making candles. You can make a lot of candles at various design for your own use, to sell, or for gifts. The candles you make can be good quality as good as candles you buy from the sure. With your own creative touches and effort, you will spend less money while you are able to enjoy hands on craft. With the following one recipe and make some ideas, you are able to make candles for various purposes.
Candle Making Material
Before you start the step by step of how to make candles at home to sell, of course you need to prepare all the materials you need on the process of making candles. The following are some essential materials should be prepared include:

  • Wax : The basic candle material typically is paraffin wax. It is sold at various craft store. The wax has melting temperature about 130 F up to 160 F. If you want to opt for better candle material, you can also choose beeswax. However, it is more expensive than paraffin wax but has longer life due to its high melting point. When choosing the wax, it is important to always procure five percent more wax than weight of candle planed.
  • Silicone Spray: It can be used to remove the candle from mould. If you don’t have silicone spray, you can also use mustard oil. You should use it on the mould before you poure the wax.
  • Dyes: There are so many options of color you can choose for your candles. It will make your candles look more attractive. Typically, they are available in solid or liquid form. It should be added in a small amount because the actual color of candles will be darker than color of the molten wax.
  • Mould : It is one of the most essential material since the quality of mould you choose will determine the finish of candle. There are various shape moulds are available at the craft shop. They are available in iron, brass, wood, plastic, etc.
  • Wicks: It is braided cotton and available at the store in bundle form. For heavy candle, opt for thick wick. Choose the thicknesses of wick according to your need
  • Water boiler: For melting the wax, it is a good option to have double heater. However, simple burner is also good for hobby.
  • Knife: It will be used to remove extra wax from the candles.

Making Candle Step by Step
Place the wax to a large saucepan or container over low heat. Be sure that the temperature is more than 90 Celsius degree. To check the temperature of wax, you can use a candy thermometer. Then, you can melt the hardener and the beeswax. Add the beeswax mixture to the melted wax and add dye according to the color you desire. Then, you can remove the wax from heat. If you want to make scented candles, you can add oil based essence. Add about 40 drops and stir in. After that, you can place the wick to the metal wick holder. You can use metal pliers for clamp closed to secure. Then, place it in the base of candle holder. The holder can be mould, cup, or glass. Or you can also use small amount of the melted wax to wick in the center of the holder. If you want to centre the wick in the votive, you can tie the wick around a skewer or pencil and then place across the top to make it is taut.
Place the holders to the foil covered tray and pour the melted wax to the candle holders. It is important to stop 3 cm of the top and set aside to harden. Sometimes, the wax may be leaks and affected by spills. If there are any leaks or spills, place the candle holder in the cold water. Allow it to cool and then remove from water. You can add wax if the candle fall slightly in the centre. You can trim the wick to 6 mm. After it is complete, you can store your candles in a dark, dry, and cool place. From the steps above, how to make candles at home to sell is very simple and easy. 


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